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<em>Elder Rage</em> , by Elder Care Expert  J. Marcell
Take My Father...Please!

How To Survive
Caring For Aging Parents

by Jacqueline Marcell
Eldercare / Alzheimer's Speaker, Author, Radio Host, Caregiver Advocate


Dementia costs families and business $multi-billions a year, largely from absenteeism and lost productivity from employees need to take time off to care for ailing loved ones. By the age of 65, one out of eight has some form of dementia, and by age 85, one out of every two. Employers who understand dementia and impart this knowledge to their employees, can save families a lot of heartache and everyone a lot of money.

Most can be included in a 90-minute presentation + Q&A, modified to the focus of your event, and adjusted to any audience' from students, families, business executives, healthcare professionals and doctors (CEU/CMEs), to seniors with early dementia. I also speak about writing & self-publishing, securing celebrity endorsements, and embracing gratitude and humor to remain positive through challenges.

  • Normal Aging & Senior Moments vs. Dementia/Alzheimer' s: Startling Statistics, Warning Signs, MCI, Stages, Medications, Dementia Prevention
  • Finding the Right Medical Team for an Accurate Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment
  • Behavior Management & Modification: Distraction, Redirection, Reminiscence, Validation, Living in Their Reality, Rewards
  • Getting Elders to See a Doctor, Take Medication, Accept Housekeeper/Caregiver, Stop Driving, Attend Adult Day Care, Eat, Bathe, Move, etc.
  • Managing Depression, Aggression, Delusions, Hallucinations, Repetition, Sun-downing, Wandering, Hoarding, Paranoia, Swallowing, Intimacy, ADL's
  • Adult Day Care, Activities, Consistency for Meals, Exercise and Bedtime
  • Hiring Caregivers Privately vs. Agency, Long-Distance Caregiving, Geriatric Care/Case Managers
  • Safety/Elder-Proofing the Home & Environment
  • Adult Day Care and Structured Activities
  • Long-Term Life & Care Planning, LTC Insurance
  • Elder Law Attorneys, Durable Powers of Attorney: Health & Financial, Advance Directives, Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)
  • Moving to a New Residence, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Dementia Care
  • Elder Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation, Adult Protective Services, Avoiding Scams
  • Care of the Caregiver, Coping with Stress, Family, Siblings, Guilt, Grief, End of Life Issues, Compassion Fatigue, PTSD
  • Affirmations, Gratitude, Humor, Spirituality, Support Groups, Respite, Hospice

Please send your number or give me a call in Irvine, CA (949-975-1012), to discuss specifics of your event so I can then quote a fee. I also want to tell you about a structure that can dramatically increase attendance. In addition to keynotes, I am experienced with moderating panels. Email


I have scheduled speakers for years, but your presentation was one of the very best received by the aging network and family caregivers. It is quite an accomplishment to address both professionals and families and not shortchange anyone. The Educational Institute maintains very high standards on the caliber of speakers we hire, and your session proved to be a feather in our cap!
- Dianne Allaire, Gertrude A. Barber Institute, Erie, PA

Thank you for your tremendous contribution to the success of our conference. You inspired guests as you could see from their participation throughout the program. We are proud to include you on our list of renowned speakers who include: Kathy Cronkite, Gloria Steinem and Mariette Hartley.
- Renee Bannasch, Women' s Council on Mental Health

Thank you for your outstanding Keynote at our International Elder Care Conference! You educated and inspired over 300 nurses and healthcare professionals who earned CEU' s and rated your session quite highly!
- Becky Bays, Registered Nurses' Association Ontario

Thank you so much for your informative presentation at our annual symposium, providing members with a broader perspective on financial and life planning. By educating on the beginning of Alzheimer' s and the resultant caregiving issues, we have greater insight and are better equipped to help clients. The evaluations are excellent' and thanks for donating $5 per book to our organization.
- Robert Bjur, Financial Planning Association

Thank you for your contribution to the success of Suddenly Senior! You definitely went above and beyond in your pre-program promotion of our event. Comment: ' Extremely effective-wonderful speaker. Jacqueline should visit all the senior service providers to teach and support them. Worth her weight in gold (no platinum) and then some!'
- Betty Bowers, Home Instead Senior Care

Thank you for making our event a true success--the highest our agency has conducted. We typically get 50, but 450 came to hear you! Four sponsors, who have never sponsored our events, requested we consider them for future sponsorship. Your presentation received great reviews. ' Ms. Marcell is a delight. I was at the brink of tears upon arrival, but now I feel confident to face the future.'
- Brenda Brown, Office for Aging, Caregiver Program

Seniors often have a difficult time transitioning from caregiver to care receiver, but your book and presentation humorously supplies answers for solving those challenges. I appreciate your insights, which I will pass on to my clients' and think you would be the perfect presenter for our NRMLA conferences, as your knowledge would benefit loan officers who so often work with seniors and their families.
- Nancy Burns, Reverse Mortgage Division, HCI

Jacqueline's keynote before the Florida House of Representatives shared her vision for a world free of Alzheimer' s. She honored all dealing with Alzheimer' s and shares my optimism that we can make the scourge of this disease all but a forgotten memory.
- Johnnie Byrd, Speaker, FL House of Representatives

I saw the benefit of your talks on the faces of caregivers who heard your inspiring words--observing nodding heads, smiles, tears, and furious note-taking. I particularly appreciated your willingness to promote our event and that you stayed late to comfort the very last caregiver. Thank you for reaching out to our caregivers--you gave them hope, compassion, answers, and a roadmap to follow.
- Susan Key Caldwell, Purchase Area, KY

Your community and professional CME presentations carried compassion, education and insights very well received by our families, physician and health care providers. Your talks generated needed discussions, not only in management of the patient, but also support for the caregiver.
- Vanina C. Chavarri, Alpena Regional Medical Center

Your presentations were extremely well received by hundreds of professionals and caregivers who enjoyed your uplifting message. The evaluations are excellent and we are pleased to add you to our list of esteemed speakers: Colin Powell, Art Linkletter, Margaret Thatcher, Oliver North and Barbara Bush!
- Pam Christoferson, Sears Methodist Retirement

Your presentation at our Grand Rounds was extremely well received and evaluations are very favorable. By highlighting the psychosocial issues and medical treatment, you made all of us more compassionate, concerned, effective physicians.
- Kenneth Cohen, USC School of Medicine

Thank you for speaking at our convention at the Ritz Carlton in Amelia Island, Florida. The evaluations are quite superior! ' Wonderfully emotional!' ... ' Great presentation utilizing humor effectively in the face of a serious issue' ... ' Very timely in my life' exceptional presentation!'
- Marisa Corser, Pennsylvania Bankers Association

Thank you for your entertaining uplifting presentations. Your list of items we should provide our clients and conversations we should have with caregivers were particularly helpful--I have begun to implement your suggestions. It is of tremendous benefit for us professionals to address the personal emotional aspects of dementia care that so many clients live with, and you educated us in a powerful way.
- Richard Courtney, Nat' l Academy Elder Law Attys

Sharon and I want to personally congratulate you for your dedication to making the CA Governor' s Conference a phenomenal success! The dynamic energy was an inspiration to 10,000 attendees. Thank you again for stepping in at the last minute to replace Maureen Reagan. You were great' just think of all the people you are helping!
- Gray & Sharon Davis, Governor & First Lady of CA

Everyone loved Jacqueline's educational and entertaining CEU/CME presentation, Behavioral & Medical Management of the Elderly Patient. She was also video-conferenced from our global telecommunications auditorium for live interactivity to Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe and rural communities.
- Linda Dielman, CMU Public Broadcasting, MI

Without exception, 300+ participants rated Jacqueline's presentation as excellent! She expertly and humorously educates by strengthening the hearts of family caregivers' while empowering the mission of professionals.
- Joan Douthit, BSA Hospice, Amarillo

Jacqueline provided a fresh look at persons with Alzheimer' s. Providers left feeling positive about the challenges of caring for their residents and had renewed hope of being able to care for them appropriately. Many commented that she was the best keynote speaker we have ever had.
- Michelle Glasgow, Idaho Assisted Living Association

Jacqueline has the ability to speak to worker bees as well as top executives, and offers a rare mix of talent and passion in her delivery. Her skill in using hindsight to help those confronting dementia is uncanny. What makes her so successful is her credibility of having lived ' in the trenches' and her willingness to share with no abandon. She weaves humor into her presentations, generating belly laughs from her audience, because they so deeply relate to her experiences. I highly recommend her as a speaker and resource to anyone participating in eldercare.
- Gail Goeller, Hospice of Spokane

Thank you for your CME lecture on ' Improving Effectiveness of Communication Among Caregivers' ' a very interesting, informative and timely topic enjoyed by Medical and Ancillary Staff. Physicians especially appreciated your personal experiences which brought the presentation home.
- Mary Guglielmo, San Pedro Hospital

Jacqueline is an internationally renowned speaker on eldercare issues. Her bestselling book, Elder Rage, should be mandatory reading for everyone involved with senior citizens, because senior community problems often stem from little or no long life planning and a reluctance to address the aging process. Her information is invaluable for seniors and families, as well as product and service providers in the eldercare industry.
- Rod Halvorson, Cedar River Mortgage

You really connected with hundreds of professionals (CEUs Nurses, Assisted Living & Nursing Home Administrators, Social Workers, Counselors) and families, seniors and those with disabilities. Comments: Jacqueline is a wonderful, thought provoking speaker; She made a tough situation into one you can handle! Your inspirational presentations helped make our conference a big success' thank you!
- Mary Jo Hannasch, Conference on Aging & Disability

The sponsors and the attendees were thrilled with your presentation. Your style kept the audience wide-awake and laughing, because we surely would have been crying knowing what dementia does to an individual and family. You are fantastic! There are no other words that can fully depict what you do and how you do it.
- Tina Hess, Good News Consulting

Thank you for providing Suddenly Senior with such a powerful, practical and entertaining dimension! Your experience dramatically elevated awareness of the challenges caregivers face with A.D. afflicted loved ones.
- Paul Hogan, Home Instead Senior Care

Thank you so much for your entertaining and moving keynote at our Symposium for Professionals in Senior Care. CEUs to: Assisted living and nursing home administrators, nurses, social workers and pharmacists.
- Frank Holden, Assisted Living Association Alabama

Thank you for an excellent CME presentation on Alzheimer' s! The physicians were specialists in various fields and as indicated by their evaluations thoroughly enjoyed your talk. Through your discussion of creative ways to effectively manage patients, you helped educate physicians and have potentially improved patient care.
- Kelly Hollister, Centinela Freeman Hospital

UPLIFTING & PRICELESS! Jacqueline exceeded all expectations for hundreds of attendees and us. Caregivers need to know they are not alone and she empowers them to reach out--giving direction they long for. She truly ' gets' eldercare and as one attendee said, ' Jacqueline is awesome!'
- Dawn Jacobs, NEMCSA, Area Agency on Aging

Attendees enjoyed your dynamic insightful presentation at our annual conference: ' Awesome ' effective teaching technique ' could have listened to her all day.' Your personable style and outgoing personality lit up the stage and made the audience comfortable and receptive' and your compassion for their circumstances was heartfelt.
- Micheline Johnson, Dallas/Ft. Worth CMSA

I was a caregiver for over 10 years for my mother who died of Alzheimer's. Had I heard Jacqueline's sincere and humorous presentation, tips and reality-check advice and unique perspective on caregiving--it would have made my journey a lot less stressful. Jacqueline comes highly recommended from all of us.
- Priscilla Jones, Area Agency on Aging E. Texas

We very much enjoyed having you speak at our Physicians Dinner and Partnership in Caring Conference. Your anecdotal and upbeat delivery were a sheer delight, and we feel privileged to have had you on our stage.
- Fred Kadin, Alzheimer' s Association

Our employees loved your presentation and the evaluations are great! It was such a pleasure to meet you and I hope you get your message out to many corporations as what you teach is so valuable!
- Angela Kalousek, Wellness Program, Visa Inc.

We at the Geriatrics Center are all very impressed with your level of knowledge, presentation style and enthusiasm for your mission. You touched on a sensitive topic for many, while evoking their desire to reach out for help. We have received numerous calls since your riveting presentations.
- Amy Kilgore, Akron General Medical Center

We were overjoyed with your presentations! You held the audience's attention for over two hours with incredible compassion, humor and candid heartfelt honesty. We appreciated your easy-going manner, graciousness, and Seminar Guidelines which made our jobs easy! Comments: ' Hearing Jacqueline's experience was priceless ' There' s nothing more helpful than to hear from the heart of one who has been there ' I came 90 miles to hear her and it was worth every mile!' Thanks, you are the greatest!
- Lori Kostors, Aging & Adult Care of Central WA

The 1000+ attendees at our Annual Medical Case Management Convention in Washington DC appreciated Jacqueline's presentation professionally and personally. The evaluations praised her for sharing useful information, humor and personal experiences.
- Patrice Lauria, Elsevier

Attendees loved Jacqueline's personable style and practical advice so many seek. Comment: ' She was funny, creative, and has experienced what we do and made it easier to understand.' Her Seminar Guidelines gave us great tips and a roadmap to secure sponsors and promote the event. We highly recommend her because our Annual Alzheimer's Conference was by far the best we have ever had!
- Karen Lehman, Greencroft Retirement Community

It was fantastic having Jacqueline speak at our National Automobile Dealers Association Convention. Her presentation was a tremendous hit with both dealers and their spouses, bringing humor and understanding to a timely serious subject.
- Christine Marshall, NADA

Your information will help more than 80 because you educated presidents of major U.S. corporations on the importance of early diagnosis of Alzheimer' s and treatments to delay fulltime care. We will spread your knowledge to thousands of employees, which will save heartache, careers and money, because fewer hours will be needed away from the workplace to care for loved ones. That will help America' s productivity. Your presentation was invaluable!
- Scott Martineau, Young Presidents Organization

For all of the sponsors this event was successful beyond anything we could have imagined. Over 300 hundred heard your passionate message and had so much fun in the process. You educated, increased awareness and touched many lives in an uplifting way.
- Roxy Mast, Marriott Senior Living Communities

We so enjoyed having you and appreciated your extra help to make our Annual CMSA Conference a huge success! The evaluations are extremely positive from professionals and families and we are receiving calls because of you. Your talks were absolutely incredible, standing room only, as you touched many with laughter and tears. We thank you for the $5 donation per sale of ' Elder Rage' , our favorite guidebook!
- Jeanie Mitchell, Case Management Society America

Jacqueline was a dynamic speaker for our event in honor of National Hospice Month ' delivering an informative entertaining presentation. Comment: ' It was more than a lecture; she exposed her life. My mother has dementia and I was so frustrated because I didn' t understand until I came.' Jacqueline's presentation was so well received that we should have allotted her more time!
- Christie Moore, Hospice of Tift Area, Georgia

Jacqueline is one of the very best ambassadors for caregivers and Adult Day Services. The National Adult Day Services Association (NADSA) honored her with one of our highest national awards for her dedication and tireless efforts. Providers appreciate her genuine, honest, insightful inspiration, and for sharing her gifts generously in behalf of all of us caring for an older adult.
- Jan Nestler, Eastside Adult Day Services

Thank you for speaking at our Elder Planning Issues Conference! Insurance and Financial Advisors, Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Healthcare Workers and Accountants appreciated so many creative solutions to eldercare!
- Alex Nicholson, Canadian Initiative Elder Planning

What a thrill to have you speak at our annual Dementia Conference! Professionals and family caregivers were treated to a very informative entertaining presentation. With your vast experience, knowledge and compassion, it is clear you are genuine in your dedication. Keep telling your story!
- Steve Nooyen, Home Instead Senior Care

An audience of 1200+ thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at our Conference on Aging. Your keynote was engaging and informative, and we thank you for your support of seniors.
- Janice Parks, Office on Aging, Orange County

I drove several hours to hear Jacqueline and was amazed by her standing room only following. WOW, you could have heard a pin drop during her riveting presentation, except for the roaring laughter, as she speaks so bravely having walked her talk. The line to purchase ' Elder Rage' was out the door as compliments flowed: ' I've heard her speak several times and always leave transfused.' I was so inspired I gave her a deposit to speak at our conference of 300+ statewide personal care home providers (CEU' s for Administrators). Her reviews were again exceptional and her wonderful book sold out. Jacqueline is the BEST!
- Daneen Reese, PA Assisted Living Association

Many thanks for your outstanding contribution to our National Convention. You have the unique ability to provide a humorous look at a serious subject, Alzheimer's Disease, yet impart insightful information on the topic.
- Allen Riggs, Comfort Keepers

Because of your excellent caregiving seminars, families are reaching out for help sooner than later. Our 24-hour Helpline has received numerous calls as a result of you encouraging people to call. We greatly appreciate that because we can' t provide free support unless we can reach families. We will be inviting you to speak for us again soon.
- Linda Scheck, Alzheimer' s Association

Thank you for making our Caregiver's Forum an overwhelming success! The response has been excellent: ' Very informative and touching' ' ' brought humor and a lighter side to issues that can tear you apart' ' ' wonderful, interesting, kept your attention.' The pre-conference publicity you did was responsible for a substantial increase in caregivers attending.
- Cathy Schmale, East Madison Coalition Aging

Overwhelming responses: Jacqueline's passion is so real; Ideal speaker; Absolutely wonderful; Informative, inspiring, humorous, engaging! CEUs: Attorneys, Counselors, Marriage & Family Therapists, Physicians and Educators. Thank you for everything you did to make our event a success!
- Julie Seeley, Dept of Job & Family Services

Your keynote and special evening session for community caregivers at our 49th Annual Kirkpatrick Conference were outstanding. Your sessions were rated the best part of the conference and people commented that this was the very best conference of all 49!
- Kathy Segrist, Fisher Institute Wellness Gerontology

You MUST have Jacqueline speak to your group. She communicates a powerful message to caregivers, which most just can' t grasp from professionals. She has lived what they are living, which gives her credibility and compassion like no one else. She is absolutely fantastic in her sincere and entertaining presentation! We presented the Office on Aging a $3,235 check for their Senior Emergency Fund, which we would not been able to do without her help.
- Gina Shaffer Law Office, LLC, Bel Air, MD

Thank you for your outstanding presentations at our Annual Case Management Society of America Houston Gulf Chapter Conference! Hundreds of healthcare professionals, whose primary purpose is to assist families navigate the healthcare maze, were thrilled to get so many unique tips and creative advice. You have a wonderful way of imparting facts amid humorous anecdotes from your experience, keeping your audience riveted while empowering them with concrete information they will use and never forget!
- Bonnie Smith, The Care Group, CMSA

What a thoughtful and provocative presentation you delivered to the young minds of our medical students! A fellow classmate said that after your talk she is seriously considering the field of geriatrics as a specialty. I believe that your message left quite a lasting impression, hopefully one that students will carry with them as they go into practice. Thank you for imparting your expertise!
- Jeffrey Speer, Univ. of WI-Madison Medical School

Thank you for your superb presentation at our Alzheimer's Seminar. The audience included dementia specialists, senior neurologists, neuropsychologists, scientists, nurses, fellows, residents, medical students, clinical research staff, and caregivers who came specifically to hear you. And what a fabulous presentation it was! Your ability to combine humor, insight, wisdom, and critical meaningful guidance to all involved in the care for those with dementia was sensational. Each gained useful tips and tools that will enrich our professional practices and personal experiences.
- Robert Stern, Boston Univeristy School of Medicine

How do you describe something better than excellent?! One attendee said her grandmother had Alzheimer' s and appreciated that Jacqueline understood what her household went through' but that the doctor never got the picture.
- Judy Story, Key Club Adult Day Care

Jacqueline was a smash-hit at our Aging Conference, at ease in front of 500+ rapt listeners with animated, witty and wise stories of sorrow and success as a caregiver. After her presentation (which left us wanting more) she was accessible, empathetic and warm with all who approached for an autographed copy of her remarkable bestseller, many receiving hugs and personalized advice. We are so pleased she spoke for us' no, we' re delighted!
- Ron Tatus, Department of Health & Human Services

Inspiring and Fabulous! Jacqueline's ability to educate while entertaining is masterful, keeping an audience learning, laughing and even crying a bit. She was such a pleasure to work with over many months of planning and went above and beyond to help us create a huge success. Over 700 attended, the sponsors were thrilled, and our mayor even proclaimed it ' Caregiver Day' to help. We found Jacqueline to be very adaptable, easy-going and downright fun to work with--so we highly recommend her!
- Theresa Timmons, Help Unlimited Homecare

Jacqueline's seminar was a wonderful experience! Her ability to connect with the audience is extraordinary' she demonstrates a level of understanding and compassion that is unprecedented. For an innovative program that is truly beneficial for caregivers--I highly recommend her!
- Margaret Wallace, Aging & In-Home Services

Jacqueline's presentations were poignant, heartfelt, funny, enlightening and informative. The audience loved her and I' m still hearing how great her talks were!
- Teana Waller, Area Agency on Aging of Panhandle

In 27 years, I have to rank Jacqueline among the very best speakers we've ever had. She's a multi-vitamin E package' ENTERTAINING, EDUCATIONAL, ENLIGHTENING & ENERGIZED. She has winning ingredients of an outstanding speaker and is welcome back on our stage anytime!
- Irwin Zucker, Book Publicists of Southern CA


"I thought I knew Jacqueline until I read her book. Wow, what a story! If you're caring for an elder, you won't believe how much this book
will help you."

-Regis Philbin
<em>Elder Rage</em> Book Cover
<em>Elder Rage</em> Book Cover
Elder Rage
Elder Care Expert Jacqueline Marcell
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Jacqueline Marcell