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<em>Elder Rage</em> , by Elder Care Expert  J. Marcell
Take My Father...Please!

How To Survive
Caring For Aging Parents

by Jacqueline Marcell
Eldercare / Alzheimer’s Speaker, Author, Radio Host, Caregiver Advocate

Caring For Aging Loved Ones? There’s Hope!

Jacqueline will "edu-tain" your audience with tips and statistics, woven amid poignant and humorous anecdotes about caring for her elderly parents.

78 million Baby Boomers are facing the caregiving years with their elderly parents, but most are unprepared in every way.

Over 65 million Americans are involved with caregiving yet everyone feels alone.

5.4 million Americans have Alzheimer's, and millions go undiagnosed for many years as early symptoms are perceived as normal aging.

By the age of 65, one in eight is afflicted by Alzheimer's, and by age of 85, one in every two.

Business loses $multi-billions a year due to Alzheimers, largely from absenteeism and lost productivity from employees need to go care for their loved ones.

YOUR AUDIENCE WILL LEARN (more topics available):

  • Differences between normal aging vs signs of dementia.
  • Steps for diagnosis/treatments for Alzheimer's.
  • Creative behavioral techniques for managing elders.
  • Coping strategies to make caregiving less stressful.
  • Preparing for our own later years/dementia prevention.


  • Discuss long-term life and care options.
  • Accept a housekeeper, caregiver, new doctor.
  • Stop driving, bathe and eat properly.
  • Attend adult day care or move to assisted living.
  • Stop driving me crazy!


Jacqueline Marcell, BS, is a former television executive, who after caring for her elderly parents became an author, publisher, radio host, international speaker, and advocate for eldercare awareness and reform. She is the devoted daughter in her best-selling book, Elder Rage, a Book-of-the-Month Club selection being considered for a film. Over 50 endorsements include: Hugh Downs, Regis Philbin and Dr. Dean Edell. Endorsements and Reviews

Jacqueline has been interviewed on hundreds of radio/television programs including TODAY and CNN, and numerous publications have featured her including AARP Bulletin, Womans Day and Prevention. Shes spoken at hundreds of conferences, including the California Governors Conference, National Security Agency, and Florida House of Representatives. Jacqueline produces and hosts her own radio program, Coping with Caregiving, interviewing over 1500 healthcare professionals. The National Association of Women Business Owners honored her with Advocate of the Year at their Remarkable Women Awards.


Jacqueline is red hot and right on target. Take this interview... please!
Jim Bohannon, Westwood One Radio

Jacqueline is a fabulous guest! Ive done hundreds of interviews, including with celebrities like John Gray, Dr. Koop, Helen Thomas and Sam Donaldson, but Ill always remember Jacqueline as one of the very best!
Dr. Dede Bonner

Jacqueline ROCKS! Her topic is timely, her conversation is tireless and on the mark, and my phone lines lit up like a Christmas tree. If you want a dynamite hour that really helps peopleyou want Jacqueline Marcell.
Ed Buggs, Top 100 Talk Show Hosts in America

Jacqueline is the ideal guest: punctual, prepared, responsive, and an absolute expert . She draws an audience and her edu-taining interview style keeps them listening.
Linda Chalmer, What's New, WHLD, Buffalo, New York

Jacqueline is the best interview I've ever had the pleasure of inviting on my show. Her enthusiasm and honesty make for very compelling radioand her personality and strength make her unforgettable.
Kim Chase, Citadel Communications, IA

A talk hosts dream! The embodiment of knowledge, passion for the subject, and wisdom from personal experienceJacqueline Marcell is a true expert in her field!!
Julie Curtis, Host, Sunday Outlook, Clear Channel, FL

My program usually airs 15 minutes segments, but Jacqueline was still going strong at the end of an hour. She has so much information, which is needed by so many of us!
Lyle Dean, To Your Health, Chicago

Its rare to find a guest who is knowledgeable, passionate and informed on such a tough subject, and able to bring a sense of humor and vitality. I am planning her encore!
Gary Doyle, 570 NEWS, Kitchener, Canada

Jacquelines TV background serves her material. She self-produces delivering memorable nuggets of information with tons of energy to spare. This is a woman living her destiny!
Leeza Gibbons, Host, Leeza Live

This was a fantastic interview. Jacqueline's information is unmatched. If you have aging parents, Elder Rage is a must!
Bill Handel, Morning Show, KFI-AM 640, Los Angeles

Jacqueline is so upbeat! You will learn something to help you copeshes a real professional on all accounts.
Heloise, Talk America Radio Host & Hints from Heloise

The information Jacqueline shares with viewers is so important. If you want a guest that can tell a story that your viewers will watch with interest you want Jacqueline. I cant say enough about her!
Tina Horspool, Director Cox Communications

Jacqueline is a dynamo who delivers information with great energy and conviction, conveying empathy for caregivers that only someone who has walked the talk can know.
Ron Kauffman, Senior LifeStyles

My conversation with Jacqueline is a true viewer favorite. Every time it airs my email box fills with thank-you's from grateful viewers. She knows of what she speaks and does so with an engaging passion that inspires and uplifts.
Barry Kibrick, Between the Lines with Barry Kibrick

Jacqueline is an articulate informed guest. I have taught Elderlaw and hosted the USD Senior Legal Helpline for 15 years, so her message is tailor-made for my show. She identifies the problem, provides solutions, is a compelling voice, delivered in a delightful manner. Great interview!
Professor Michael Myers, The Elderlaw Forum

Great information shared lovingly.
Dr. Michael Roizen, You The Owner's Manual

Jacqueline Marcell
(949) 975-1012

"I thought I knew Jacqueline until I read her book. Wow, what a story! If you're caring for an elder, you won't believe how much this book
will help you."

—Regis Philbin
<em>Elder Rage</em> Book Cover
<em>Elder Rage</em> Book Cover
Elder Rage
Elder Care Expert Jacqueline Marcell
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Jacqueline Marcell