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Take My Father...Please!

How To Survive
Caring For Aging Parents

by Jacqueline Marcell

Coping With Caregiving Show Archives
Listen to recent archives of this program online anytime here

Listen Online Live, Saturdays 3-5 PM Pacific Time: here.

Jacqueline's ' edu-taining' Internet radio program is a valuable resource for anyone coping with the challenges of caregiving, and for everyone who thinks it will never happen to them. Hear top professionals in the fields of Health, Aging, and Caregiving interviewed weekly. To hear the following older archives, click on each link below:

Listen to Jacqueline's interviews with:
Gail Mitchell, Empowering Caregivers
Shawn Bloom, National PACE Association
Janet Walsh, Long Island Alzheimer' s Foundation
Doug Fusella & Jennifer Campbell, New Lifestyles
Mary Furlong, Founder, Thirdage.com
Nancy London, Author
Listen to Jacqueline's interviews with:
Dr. Kenneth Doka, Hospice
Dr. William L. Minnix, AAHSA
Dale Bell,PBS Producer, "And Thou Shalt Honor"
Jo Rosen, President,Parkinson' s Resource Org.
Kathy Kelly, Family Caregiver Alliance
Rich O' Boyle, ElderCare Online and ALZwell
Listen to Jacqueline's interviews with:
Ann Wrixon, President, Seniornet.org
Enid Borden, Meals On Wheels of America
Carol Abaya, Columnist
Suzanne Mintz, National Family Caregiver Assoc.
Jennie Chin Hansen, On Lok and NPAonline.org
Kristin Johnson, Journalist
Listen to Jacqueline's interviews with:
Gary Barg, Today' s Caregiver
Art Linkletter, American Icon!
Katherine Dorn Zotovich, Author
Ernest Rosemond, AARP Convention
Judi Lund Person, National Hospice and Palliative
Carmen Leal, Author, Huntington's Disease
Listen to Jacqueline's interviews with:
Scott Parkin, National Council on the Aging
Claudia Fine, National Assoc. Geriatric Care Mgrs.
Shirley Green, Professional Organizer
Dr. Gary Small, UCLA Center on Aging
Dr. Joanne Lynn, Rand Center,Care of Dying
Jacqueline: importance of early diagnosis of A.D.
Listen to Jacqueline's interviews with:
Terry Stone, Nat'l Adult Day Services Assoc.
Sandy Markwood, National Assoc. of AA on Aging
Sandra Thomas, Hemochromatosis Society
Dr. Rodman Shankle, Dementia Specialist
Scotty Kufus, President, Retired.com
Gail Hunt, National Alliance for Caregiving
Listen to Jacqueline's interviews with:
Jacqueline discusses dementia, and the medications: Aricept,Exelon and Reminyl
Grace Lebow, Author Aging Network
Carolyn Haynali, Creator,CaregiversArmy.org
Chief Gene Saunders, Project Lifesaver
The Amazing Ariana, devoted caregiver to Jacqueline's parents
Bunni Dybnis, LivHome
Listen to Jacqueline's interviews with:
Denise Brown, Creator,Caregiving.com
Dr. Cherry Emerson, Medical Anthropology
John Paul Marosy, Author
George Hopper, Well Spouse Foundation
Listen to Jacqueline's interviews with:
Mike Splaine, National Alzheimer's Association
Dr. Robert Stall, Gerontologist

"I thought I knew Jacqueline until I read her book. Wow, what a story! If you're caring for an elder, you won't believe how much this book will help you."

-Regis Philbin


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